Name: Nichole

Profession: Registered Nurse

Product Purchased: Vagabond & Ragamuffin

Review: Sarah has an amazing eye for creating beautiful AND functional bags. I have the Ragamuffin and the Vagabond. I love both bags; the functionality of both cannot be beat! These bags are made of premium leathers that hold up with time, and I am not easy on my bags. Functional, durable, and stylish are great ways to describe these bags. I would also love to talk about Sarah's commitment to her clients. When I asked about a longer crossbody strap (I am tall and curvy) she was eager to please. I was shipped a custom length strap that was nothing less than perfect. I will always shop where I feel I matter, and Sarah made me feel like I matter. Thank you all at Strey Designs!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars


Name: Angela 

Profession: Business Owner

Product Purchased: teal cork leather purse

Review: I absolutely LOVE my Strey bag! The colors are vibrant, the craftsmanship is outstanding, and supporting local makers feels SO good. I adore the versatility in each bag as well as her variety of styles in bags. The thought Sarah and her team put into each Strey bag—created by hand—shows by its superior quality, hands down. Whether you like classic colors or something bright, she's got it! She even does custom orders!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars


Name: Amy Wicker

Product Purchased: Skimmer in beautiful blue

Review: I purchased this new purse at the Mall of America on Sunday. I immediately went to my car to switch out my purse to the new one. As I was waiting for my teenagers to be done at MOA, a kind woman complimented me on my purse and asked me where I found it. We had a chat about how beautiful it was, and she headed straight to Mall of America to shop for herself.

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Julie T.

Product Purchased: Capricious

Review: This might be the best bag I've ever owned. It’s the perfect size for day, and carries very comfortably as both a crossbody and a shoulder bag. The outside pockets are big enough for a phone, and the shoulder straps have non-skid enhancement. It zips across the top, so others can't see inside. I could go on and on. The only thing I can think of to add would be a snap and key strap on the interior.

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Eunice

Product Purchased: Nomad

Review: I bought one of Strey Designs’ cork purses. The gold fleck cork is so beautiful and lightweight. It is the perfect size and extremely well made. You can definitively see the love that is put into this carefully constructed purse. I get compliments galore on this beauty!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Kari

Profession: Finance Manager

Product Purchased: Teal Cork Skimmer

Review: I fell in love with this purse at a local market, and I had a job interview the next day. I decided I had to wait, and if I got the job I would buy the purse. So I took one of Sarah’s business cards. Well, I got the job and then bought the purse! I love it! It’s the most versatile and durable purse I have!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Stephanie E.

Profession: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Product Purchased: Backpack, cork bag, one-of-a-kind Fashion Week bag (navy, yellow, red)

Review: My first purchase from Strey was a leather backpack. I hadn't really carried a purse before this bag because I never found anything that was "me." The backpack is functional and durable, and stores all I need and more. My cork bag is my summer bag and I get compliments on it at least once a week. The bag is big and things are easy to find. I will never buy another bag from anywhere else again. The love that goes in to these bags shows.

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Michelle 

Profession: Account Manager

Product Purchased: Vagabond, Skimmer

Review: I purchased my first bag from Sarah a few months ago—a gorgeous Vagabond in a deep grey! I am smitten! So much so that I got a red Skimmer only three weeks later! I’m obsessed!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Aimee

Profession: IT professional

Product Purchased: Jaunt

Review: I purchased the Jaunt. I love the versatility. I use it to go out downtown, and I bring it when I go biking or walking. It fits a lot for a small purse. I love it. The leather is soft and durable. I would highly recommend Strey.

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: JC Johnson

Profession: Engineer

Product Purchased: Ragamuffin, Circuit, Rove, Skimmer, Wallet

Review: I’m thrilled with each of my Strey handbag creations. They’re well made, functional, and stylish! I get compliments everywhere I go! It’s a privilege to share Sarah’s business cards so others can support our wonderful local artists. Sarah is one entrepreneur who listens intently to your needs when creating your special handbag. I’m so excited to see the new Fall Collection and the new items coming out!

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars

Name: Annie Rumley

Product Purchased: Skimmer

Review: I absolutely love my Strey Skimmer! Not only is it a beautiful bag, but it supports a local artist with a true passion for bags. Every bag is unique, so when you buy a bag from Strey, you know it isn't something you are going to see everyone else carrying an exact replica of.

Rate Your Experience: 5 stars